• Wash, Cut & Style £54

    40 minutes
    Bold styles or trusted looks. A popular choice including a consultation, relaxing head wash, bespoke cut and detailed styling.

  • Clipper Cut £24

    20 minutes
    Designed for short cuts or medium length blends, with outlined detail or a natural taper for an enduring style. Excludes skin fade

  • Head Shave £44

    30 minutes
    An expertly finished head shave performed the traditional way. The perfect look for the impeccable gentleman.

  • Wash & Style £18

    15 minutes
    Look sharp, whatever the occasion. A relaxing choice with attentive and bespoke styling for a lasting impression.

  • Young Londoner £39

    30 minutes
    A haircut for the young gentleman. Washed, cut and styled with excellence. Under 16s. Excludes skin fade

  • Little Londoner £29

    20 minutes
    Whether a first-time haircut or something for the budding gentleman, extra care is taken to achieve a smart look that will be admired. Under 8s.